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Texas+Kansas City Style of Que

The brisket is arguably the best I've ever had. Not only is Gerald a true Pitmaster he is one of the best Jazz saxophonist in the Midwest!
- fellow saxophonist, Matt Otto...

The brisket is FIRE even without sauce!
- Lonnie McFadden, jazz trumpet player, tap dancer, singer, songwriter, arranger, and recording artist

506 Main Street, Grandview, Mo

Grab & Go QUE!

"I’m not just a saxophonist and radio DJ; I’m also a certified BBQ aficionado with roots deeply embedded in the heart of Texas."   


~ Gerald Dunn, Pitmaster

"Where the soulful sounds of KC jazz AND BLUES meet the mouthwatering flavors of Texas BBQ."

bbq ribs


"A Memorable Experience"

"Want to thank you for all the caterings you were able to help me do. I get a lot of compliments when I serve your brisket - like savory, mouthwatering, delicious, hard to stop eating once you start with the first bite, the flavor is phenomenal!"

- Lutfi, owner of Lutfi's Fish

"Two Words"

I only have two words for Dunn Deal BBQ: IT'S GOOD!

- Catering customer


"The brisket and the chicken are my family's favorite from Dunn Deal. We've been enjoying Gerald's food for years" 



Suzetta Parks Pennington

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